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We are local Waiheke Island residents who care deeply about this island, its ecosystems and its culture. Through a lens of sustainability, we see the building of a marina not only as regressive, but as the wrong move for the vast majority of the people on the island.

From the hundreds of people whom we have interacted with, we are confident that we represent the voice of the people of Waiheke.


While KP was identified as a potential alternative location during the Matiatia proceedings, it does not mean that a marina is appropriate there. It also does not mean that anything goes and that a marina proposal of this scale is a good fit for Kennedy Point and Waiheke in general.

We believe that the Wairua and Mauri of Kennedy Point and the wider Putiki Bay are worth fighting for. The ecosystems, the landscape, the right to swim in clean water, to fish and gather kai moana knowing it is not polluted, the right for a local to keep their own mooring, the right to maintain your view of a beautiful bay, the efficient operation of our freight and passenger transport hub , the protection of access to our coastal marine area – the protection of our cultural, historical sense of who we are, our sense of place, these are worth fighting for.