Movie Night

Come and see "The Bentley Effect" at 4.30 pm, Sunday 26 November. Even better, BRING A FRIEND.

It is an Australian award winning documentary called "The Bentley Effect." (posters attached)

Filmed over five years, The Bentley Effect documents the highs and lows of the battle to keep a unique part of Australia “gasfield-free”. This timely story of a community’s heroic stand shows how strategic direct action and peaceful protest from a committed community can overcome industrial might and political short-sightedness. It celebrates the non-violent ‘Eureka Stockade’ of our time and chronicles one of the fastest growing social movements we have ever witnessed.

SKP and the Waiheke Community Cinema will screen the film for a charge of $30.

In addition to the movie "The Bentley Effect" you will be treated to the first full screening of a short film that has been put together by some of our supporters. It presents some of the reasons why we oppose the marina and it will appear before the screening of movies shown at our amazing little cinema for the next couple of months.

Come and see it with us. Even better, BRING A FRIEND.
Thank you and the Waiheke Community Cinema for being such staunch supporters of SKP.

The Committee SKP Inc.
Allison, David, Ildiko, Kathryn, Kristin and Thomas